Another Miata Project Car

My First Project Car


After wanting to learn how to drive a manual transmission car ever since I turned 16, I knew a project car would come into my future. It took 3 years of saving up money from work and deciding what to buy before finally jumping into it. A friend had showed me his 273whp turbo 1990 Mazda Miata and I was hooked from the first ride. While going through craigslist ads like a mad man, I finally stumbled upon a 1997 Miata for a good deal and close to home. I purchased it shortly after my first year of college and the project began.


While buying and driving a bone stock miata is a ton of fun, I wanted something more and knew that a turbo would eventually be in the future… Still hoping for that. During the mean time, a few modifications were bought in order to make the car a little more fun.

  1. An aftermarket NRG Steering Wheel gave the car a little more life to it other than a boring stock one. In addition to this, a quick release was a sure buy just to make sure my car was the perfect ricer… due to an exhaust that rusted off. One day, it’ll be a tuner.
  2. A short throw shifter was next on the list in order to make the shifts a little faster and in addition give it a little more of an aftermarket feel to the car.

The Tragedy Happened

The day I dreamed would never happen had occurred a mere 4 months after owning the Miata. While driving to go visit my grandpa on a nice Thursday evening, I had ran into a deer going around 60mph. If you’re interested about hearing the full story and seeing the damage a deer does to a poor little car at those speeds, click here to see the video on my YouTube channel. The car sat in the garage for a little over 3 months before coming back to it during winter break when I actually had the time to work on it. It wasn’t too fun hitting the deer and nearly having it land in the car with me but the orange and black paint job that me and my dad did on the car afterwards turned out amazing. While rebuilding the car, the only new part that was added during this time were smoked turn signals which turned out to look much better on the orange paint than the stock ones.

Future Goals

While being set back a fair amount after hitting the deer and being a part time working student in college, the turbo project is still a goal of mine for this car. It may not be very soon but eventually, the goal is to get the car up to 300whp with a Garret 3071 turbo.



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